Spain tells UK not to lose its cool over Gibraltar in Brexit talks

Alfonso Dastis said: ‘Making comparisons with past situations like the Falklands is a little out of context.

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British Day Recap UK Signs Letter Triggering Leave from EU

Today Brexit reached the point of no return as the Prime Minister triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

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After UK Parliament attack in London

On the one-year anniversary of the deadly terror attack in Brussels, people in Belgium and around the world are reaching out to send a message of solidarity to the victims of the U.K.

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Richard Hammond’s motorbike crash how did it happen and how many other accidents has he had

GRAND Tour presenter Richard Hammond has been involved in another motoring accident while filming a TV show. The 47-year-old is reportedly fine following the incident which occurred while he was shooting the second series of the Amazon Prime show.

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Austrian woman punched in face by stranger outside London tube station

_95218598_mediaitem95218597 The 60-year-old was assaulted by a man in his late 20s on 10 Walk after she cleared out Warwick Road station.

The Met said the casualty had before “courteously” rejected the man’s endeavors to “visit her up”.

Criminologists are presently engaging for data to help follow the lady’s aggressor.

As a feature of the interest the casualty, who does not wish to be named, discharged a photo of her wounds.

The assailant is portrayed as white, matured 25 to 27, around 5ft 8in tall, with short chestnut hair and cocoa eyes.

He was wearing light-hued pants, a chestnut coat and a dark baseball top.

The Met said subsequent to neglecting to talk up the casualty he took after her as she strolled along Warwick Road towards Formosa Road, close Paddington.

He then snatched her from behind and more than once hit her in the face, abandoning her requiring surgery.

Subsequent to being found by a bystander she was taken to healing center.

Det Con Mike Reilly, stated: “Warwick Road is a bustling zone, particularly at 8pm on a Friday evening.

“Somebody more likely than not seen something and I’d claim for anybody with data to approach as quickly as time permits so we can convey the culprit to equity.”

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