Scottish parliament backs new independence referendum

Saltire, union jack and EU flags flutter in the wind outside the Scottish parliament. EU delay on Brexit trade deal hits Sturgeon’s referendum timetable.

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Second Scottish: Anti-independence voters over referendum plan

Previous Work leader Gordon Cocoa said that if Scotland somehow managed to picked autonomy then it would mean the nation having no entrance to the UK single market.

He made the claim amid a discourse in Fife where he set out his “third path” choice for the sacred eventual fate of Scotland.

Mr Chestnut accepted there was a solid case for more powers to be given to Holyrood once the UK’s exit from the EU is finished.

He disclosed to his group of onlookers at the Celebration of Thoughts in Kirkcaldy that an autonomous Scotland today would confront more prominent outcomes then it may have done in 2014.

Mr Cocoa stated: “On the off chance that we leave the English single market, which was not the proposition in 2014 of the Scottish National Gathering, then a more sensational arrangement of results take after.”

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